Best Neurologists in Melbourne Victoria

Best Neurologists in Melbourne Victoria

Dr. Simon Li, Neurologist & Neurophysiologist

MBBS (Hons), B.MedSci, FRACP

Dr. Li is a Neurologist who is also a qualified clinical neurophysiologist and epileptologist. He provides a comprehensive service including clinical Neurophysiology, epilepsy management and neurology consultations across the inner parts of Melbourne. He has clinical neurophysiology services at Comprehensive Neurological Care Victoria (CNCV) and Malvern Neurophysiology in Cabrini Hospital. He runs one of the Epilepsy Assessment Clinics at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, as well as the First Seizure Clinic in the Western General Hospital. He provides neurology consultation services at CNCV, Melbourne Private Hospital Parkville, John Fawkner Private Hospital Coburg, Brunswick Private Hospital, NorthEast Rehabilitation Centre Ivanhoe and Cotham Private Hospital Kew. He is the director of clinical neurophysiology training at Western General Hospital, and is a lecturer of neuromuscular diseases curriculum for the Doctorate of Medicine course at the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Li undertook training at the University of Melbourne, St Vincent's Hospital Clinical School, physician and neurology training at Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and Monash Medical Centre before 2 separate clinical fellowships in clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy at RMH under the mentorship of A/Prof Tim Day and Prof Terence O'Brien, during which he completed level 3 (highest level) EMG and EEG training. He has publications in both local and international journals. He was awarded the UCB Pharma Clinical Scholarship by the Epilepsy Society of Australia in 2010.

Dr. Li's main role at CNCV is the provision of clinical neurophysiology service, performing nerve conduction studies and EMG for the diagnosis of focal entrapment neuropathies, peripheral neuropathy, plexopathy, radiculopathy and other neuromuscular diseases.